Love is the greatest feeling in the world. Love brings peace and different people together. Love makes us who we are together as one. How then do you know that you love someone? You don’t just wake up loving someone. There are several things that you feel and see for you to know that you love someone for sure.


There is a difference between being happy about something. When you are in love with someone there is this feeling of excitement especially when you are around that person. There are things that you would have done already in your life but you still get excited doing it with the one you love.

You also get excited by the mere thought of seeing that person. That amazing feeling of excitement is a sign that you have found someone who makes everything interesting and new to you.

Thinking about the person all the time

You might not notice that you are doing it but you are obsessed with that person. You are in love when you are always thinking of the same person whenever you want to do something. You find yourself thinking if that person will be happy with whatever you are thinking of doing. Also, you put them first in everything that you do.

Family introduction

When you are in love with someone of the signs that you should take note of are you wanting to make everyone know about it. You are always thinking that you want to go with the person to your friends and family and let them know about it. This shows that you truly love that person and you want e to be part of your life visit casino france for more.

Feeling empathy

 Loving someone means that you have accepted that they are a part of you. You feel sorry about that person. You are also hurt when n they are hurt. This is one of the things that will push you to do things that you thought you wouldn’t do in your life. Love is all about sacrifices.

Jealous and protective

Being protective and jealous is normal for someone in love. When you love someone you feel jealous when that person is giving all of their attention to someone else. You also feel very protective of that person when they are in trouble.  However, if you want your relationship to be successful you should not be overprotective and too jealous. That may scare away the person you love.

Future plans

When you love someone you imagine yourself with that person. Planning your future with someone and including them in your plans is a clear sign that you love that person. It’s also a sign that you love them to the extent of wanting to accomplish things with them.


There is no greater feeling than feeling that you love someone. It’s the greatest feeling of all and all you need to know is that person feels the same way too. Don’t ignore the signs when they are there. That way you won’t miss the opportunity to love someone.